About Us

Larry CamusoPeople have said that cars are my life. In a way, it’s true. I remember certain life-shaping events in terms of which car played a role. More precisely, which Oldsmobile my parents were driving -- they only bought Oldsmobiles. As a car-nerd child, anyone who would listen was treated to a running commentary on subtle styling differences in 50’s and 60’s American luxury cars. Oldsmobiles were nice, but I loved Cadillacs! Once I could read, the automotive section of our local library became my favorite hang. On my walk home, I would test my fledgling expertise by identifying makes, models and, most important, year models.
In my young teenage years (still tortured by being too young to drive legally) I collected promotional model cars and literature from dealers, not always with their knowledge. I also met Alden Jewel, the automotive historian. He let me tag along to swap meets and introduced me to the art of buying, selling and trading used car parts. I found out that east coast weather caused rust and corrosion, that collectors and restorers would pay dearly for west coast replacement parts. All of that library study was about to pay off!
The minute I turned 16, I took my driving test in the 1969 Olds 88, smiling all the way. Newly licensed, my first order of business was membership in the Oldsmobile Club of America. I scoured the ads of the club magazine, made a few notes and headed for a local wrecking yard. Just as I thought, clean parts were readily available and cheap. I made my first sale to a man in Ohio -- parts for his 1969 Olds 88 convertible. He was delighted with the quality for the price and I was delighted by my first profitable sale.
West Coast Classics (my brand new business) was off the ground. I began to advertise in Hemmings Motor News and the rest is history. That original business model -- specialized service at a reasonable price -- remains my focus today. I have restored several hundred cars over the last 30 years and still own scores of pristine collectibles, some of which are featured on this site. West Coast Classics is now a classic itself.